To the one from whom much was despoiled and plundered, the gaze of God goes most directly, and the holiest help He gives. ~Marie Hosdil~

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Thirteen years ago on Divine Mercy Sunday

I will never forget, nor stop praising God for what He showed me on the evening of Divine Mercy Sunday.  It was 2000 and Jubilee Year.  The flood gates were wide open and so was my heart.  Out of curiosity I sat at Mass in a tiny Catholic Church for the first time in my life.  I wasn't sure if I should expect lightning from heaven to strike me for daring to be in such a foreign and formerly detestable place as a Catholic Church.  But when the Eucharist began, I had a life changing encounter with Jesus Christ.  I had known Him before, but never like this.  His very Presence in that place overwhelmed me to the point I could do nothing but sit and soak Him in and be in awe of such a powerful and intimate encounter.  My prayers had never brought me this close before.  My meditations had never brought Him this close to where I could almost feel His breath on my face!

Divine Mercy was most definitely poured out on me that day and as I prepare to head off to Mass in a while, I am so thankful that He had pity on this poor, ignorant Baptist girl and came after me in the land of Geneva and led me by the hand home to His Holy Catholic Church.

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danardoyle said...

I am so happy that you had this experience. Welcome home!